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We are a chic style zine, from industry Stylist and Creative Director Aleksandra Olenska, passionate about inspiring modern mid-lifers through aesthetic suggestions from the inside out, celebrating slow culture on a fast medium. Style-Whisper has a European cultural heritage, and international outlook.

I’ve always had a lifestyle approach to fashion, because style is about the way we live – and what we surround ourselves with includes our home as well as our handbag! I’m here to help you fall in love with where you live again – in and out of your clothes!
As a Creative director and Stylist for luxury fashion brands and magazines such as Chanel, Vanessa Bruno, and Vogue, my job involves working on creating coherent style and brand identities that are seasonally relevant – the very same approach I use with my private clients…because we all want to look and feel relevant, sexy and true to our best selves – whatever our age!
Style-Whispering celebrates elegant living -I believe that style is an expression of soul – of your inner values, and is a form of self respect and self care. I’m more interested in evolving an individual’s personal style in the home, wardrobe and life, than following inhibiting rules, or being a slave to fashion!
I love being a woman, and celebrate a more natural approach to style, rather than being overly prescriptive, or pandering to fake beauty ideals or retouched images of perfection –  our imperfectly perfect multi-dimensional selves are so much more interesting!
Contemporary and classic, sophisticated and silly, we celebrate aesthetics, authenticity, individuality, imperfection, the dialogue between tradition and innovation, savoir faire and elegant living. We love luxury, adventures, creative thinking, human presence, heritage and emotion  – and beauty from within.
At midlife and beyond, it’s about looking and feeling relevant and stylish and a true representation of yourself – of developing  and having fun with your style for this phase in life. I’m excited to help you to look and feel gorgeous, empowered, stylish and put together, from the inside out!
If you’d like to have a chat about evolving your style, join me for a complimentary style consultation – you can book here: https://calendly.com/olenska/discovery-call


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